TW Telecom’s churn rate is below 1%. What’s yours ?

Learn how TW Telecom reduced churn to an impressive one
percent and streamlined their global customer experience program across 31 global markets using Satmetrix’s customer experience software.


Our advanced analytics, closed-loop features, easy-to-share
reporting, and alerts ─ all built on Net Promoter Score methodology ─ can take your program results to the next
level too.

Improve customer lifetime value.
Select from a variety of products and flexible pricing options.
Tap into real-time social customer intelligence.
Learn how SparkScore can help!
Rank your company's brand.
Browse our global industry Net Promoter Score benchmark reports.
Smarter customer experience management solutions

Satmetrix offers industry-leading customer experience software that is used by companies of all sizes around the globe to improve or start successful programs.


Our CEM products (Standard, Pro and Enterprise) deliver customer insights powered by deep analytics, extensive industry benchmarks, easy-to-share reports, closed-loop action alerts, root analysis, CRM and integration, an open API and more to retain customers and increase customer lifetime value.

Ask customers these two questions to reduce churn

For customer experience program managers, reducing customer churn is key.


As the cost of new customer acquisition continues to rise, keeping customers and increasing their lifetime value is critical to the
long-term financial growth of your company.


Learn how to collect and act on customer intelligence using Net Promoter, the worldwide standard used to measure, understand and improve customer experience co-created by Satmetrix. 

Collect daily customer insights about your brand with SparkScore

Structured survey questions deliver rich feedback about your business. But what about the questions you’re not asking? SparkScore, the only official NPS-based social customer experience product, measures social sentiment for your brand in real-time. 


Its powerful analytics capabilities finds patterns and trends in social media sentiment and includes diagnostic tools to get to root

cause ─ providing valuable actionable insights that you won’t learn from surveys alone.


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